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I am Elif Ayiter, aka. Alpha Auer, a designer, educator and researcher. I teach full time at Sabanci University, Istanbul. My texts have been published at academic journals such as the Leonardo Electronic Almanac, the Journal of Consciousness Studies, and Technoetic Arts. I have authored several book chapters in edited academic anthologies and presented creative as well as research output at venues including The John Hansard Gallery (UK), The Biennial de Cerveira (PT), ISEA2011, Siggraph, Creativity and Cognition, Computational Aesthetics and Cyberworlds.


As Alpha Auer I am the CEO of the SL fashion store alpha.tribe and I have participated in several SL exhibits, such as "SychroniCity," curated by Marc Moana, "Further Along the Path" curated by Bryn Oh, and the massively collaborative project "Moving Islands [Rafts]" curated by Eupalinos Ugajin.


Together with MosMax Hax and Selavy Oh, Alpha has co-authored the "LPDT2/3" series of sim wide installations that were based upon Roy Ascott's concept of distributed authorship and La Plissure du Texte. Both LPDT2, as well as LPDT3 have been exhibited at international, curated art exhibitions such as the 2010 multimedia festival at Tomorrow City, Incheon, Korea and the Culture 3 Festival in Patras (GR) in 2014.


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